Monday, December 03, 2007

Bonkers Origami

"No, pink monkey thing, I will not move so you can make your bed. I am comfortable and looking just too dang cute to be disturbed!"
"Just look at my stretched out yogic position. I am all powerful and you can not make me move - hahahahahahahaha!"

He did move - M picked him up for a cuddle and off he went in high dudgeon. So undignified this cuddling business.

When we were on Fair Isle M discovered the joys of origami. So last week I bought him a book and some papers and this weekend he as been a-folding and a-creasing like a man possessed.
I now have a pig, a dinosaur, two flowers, two leaves, 3 birdies, 1 flapping pecking bird, a parrot and 2 Spanish boxes (1 of which is my own feeble attempt - I suck royally at paper folding). What will he make today?

I've had an unproductive weekend - I had a relapse and ended up feeling really ill again on Saturday. I've spun and knit a tiny amount and that is it *sigh* tomorrow I will enter my 4th week of this bug. I do (sort of) feel better in myself - but am full of muck and coughing like an ole train - it is gross.

Ah well - it can only get better - onwards and upwards - and 100's of other think positive cliches.

I intend to rest as much as possible this week and hopefully by being careful of myself I can finally shake this fucker off - just in time for PMT etc next week - lovely!

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Jo said...

Sorry you're still not feeling well, hope you can kick this into touch soon, have you tried any manuka honey....great for bugs!