Friday, December 28, 2007

A little Xmas knitting

Two completed socks - but not a matching pair. One plain ole vanilla with SR heel in a lovely yarn sent to me by Kathrows - so soft and smooshy - but I can't find the label at the moment - tis somewhere in the blog archive.

And one Pomatomous in Lorna's Laces in Devon colourway. Not the best pictures - sorry terrible light today.
This is my third pair of socks in this pattern - I love it - much simpler than it looks.
I also knit about 30 rows of the rib cardi/vest that fries my brain to lard - it is soooo boring.
All the Xmas knitting was finished in time - J's plain ole vanilla socks (I knit socks for my boys every year - this year Ma and Sis got socks to - not as pressies really but just because it's nice to knit them for others). I also knit J the Fair Isle hand warmers using the design from 'We Call Them Pirates' from Hello Yarns (you can see them in the previous post) - he loves them and is wearing them today. The final bit of Xmas knitting was another knitted bacteria (no photo) as the Giant Microbe I'd ordered him didn't get here in time.
I'm going to get some serious knitting done today as I need some 'head' time. This is when I need to think/digest stuff that is going on that is effecting me. One of these is that Spike (who was M's Mums cat - now lives with SIL) was discovered yesterday to have cancer and will be put to sleep today. He's an ole boy (almost 16 or 17 we think) and he's had a good life - but it's another link to M's family gone - it's all quiet shocking - first his Dad, then Mum, then the family home up for sale and now Spikey. I just hope that 2008 gives his family a break - I think they deserve one!
M's birthday is on Monday so I also need to plan out what to do to make it extra special - can't say too much as he reads this *sigh* ;-)
So off to get out the wool winder - see you next year - have a good one!!!

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Agnes said...

Woo ... both colourways are very very pretty! I especially love the red one! A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours and wish you a wonderful 2008 to come. :)