Sunday, December 16, 2007

Down but not out!

Unfortunately just as I started to climb the hill to well-being. I caught a secondary virus - resulting in a streaming cold with wonderful gastric side effects. So since about Thursday I've being doing an impersonation of a dying duck in a thunderstorm.

All our Xmas shopping and stuff is all behind, no cards have been posted, no food shopping lists written - nothing, nada, nought has been done in festive preparation.

M is still in recovery but is doing the best he can. But I can honestly say "I've not been as ill as this in almost 20 years!" The year we got married I had a serious gastric illness and that is the last time (including getting Chickenpox when I was 24) that I can remember being this ill. As most of the time I am disgustingly healthy, I don't do 'ill' well - I am depressed, miserable and finding it hard to find any positives right now.

So no knitting to post, no spinning progress - I give you nothing - unless you'd like some germs - I got those in abundance!

Oh we did get a tree - it's just not big enough though *joke* I don't think M could have found a bigger one. The boys put it up yesterday and apparently it smells divine but as I neither taste or smell at the moment I'm taking their word for it. It looks pretty though.

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