Thursday, October 26, 2006


Our household includes my Ma and her animals as well. As I posted earlier this year she lost here old cat Pixie. At the time she felt she didn't want anymore cats. Well, time moves on and she read about the Brighton & Hove Cats Protection League needing people to offer homes to older cats (people don't want to adopt older cats for some reason). She met a lovely B & W boy called Rufus who she wanted to home....but sadly Rufus became unwell and needed further vet treatment and to stay where he was. So, Ma offered a home to..........

Jasmine or Miss Fluffy Pants aka a Tribble on legs or possibly a Wig-wig. She came to live with us on Saturday and she is a lovely, gentle, friendly, fluffy (did I mention she was fluffy?) girlie of 10 years.
She is settling in well. She has met Ma's dachshunds and tolerates them but has yet to meet Loobles (she has seen her through the patio doors) or Conkers properly (Conkers did get into to Ma's lounge the other day - his tail fluffed and he peered over the sofa at her and they have conversed briefly through a glass door - he mews, she hisses!) We are doing the introducing slowly as I don't want a repeat of the Kodo/Poppy warfare and the Buster/Pixie swear-scratchathons this time.

It seems a shame that this little girl was going to be put to sleep by her owners (allegedly) because she no longer fitted their lifestyle. She has so much love to give as do so many older cats who need homes. Anyone thinking of getting a kitty or if you know someone who is....please think about/get them to think about adopting an older cat. I know our local cat rescue is full to the brim -and is trying to squeeze in emergency rescues and has to put cats in need on the waiting list. They never put healthy animals down - but because of people breeding kittens for sale and then not being able to sell them and then dumping them on the rescue people, people kicking out pets they've grown bored of or are too old etc - the older cats people don't want are taking shelter places and the shelters are out of spaces. Just think about it - older cats are loving and full of fun too.


Linnea said...

Congratulations on your new little girl! She's so beautiful. Wonderful that you've adopted an older kitty as well - I did the same thing with my late cat Kas and my (currently snoring) dog Lauren - and we'll adopt older kitties again once we get back to the States. (Apparently Americans aren't allowed to adopt here locally because of their bad pet abandonment record - how SAD!)

Anyway, congratulations again. What a sweetie you have there!

Nell said...

How could anyone be bored of her - she's adorable! And what a sweetname. Our kitties are practising their mewl-ing. They were mega-chatty this morning!

YarnNinja said...

Hubs and I will hopefully be adopting a cat soon. I've been adamant that I will get an adult cat (or two). Kittens need too much attention and because of how cute they are they are adopted quicker and easier.

She looks adorable, grats!

Haley, aka Krysstyllanthrox

Sue said...

Congratulations! Good luck with the introductions, I'm sure in no time she'll be part of the family. :)