Friday, October 27, 2006

Chock full of yarny goodness.

I kind of broke my yarn diet (oops) but my Darlin man said "You've not bought much yarn lately. Why don't you treat yourself?" And I wasn't about to decline that kind offer now, was I? So here we have some Handmaiden lace weight silk in Rose Garden. I bought to make a shawl - the pattern for which I also purchased but it's a secret at the moment ;0) I still have a passion for pink and green colour mixes - the pinks are really dusky edging more toward a minky beige than pinky pink - very subtle.
Here in some yummalicious LL sock yarn in one of my fav colourways Irving Park. I made a curly-whirly scarf in this colour last year and the mix of the purple, red and orange has just grown on me. I love this sock yarn - it keeps it colour and is so very soft and I've found durable.
Two skeins if LL DK weight merino wool (superwash) in my all time fav colourways Sherbet. I made a wrap using this in Worsted (Aran?) earlier this year. It is soft and snuggly and always makes me feel warm and cheerful. So this is destined to become a scarf (for me) a thick snuggly scarf to warm and cheer me through out the winter. My passion for these colours all stem from having Gundel - as my SP - she mentioned she loved hot pink and orange mixes - I initially thought yuck - but when I started shopping for her - well the rest is history - I was completely hooked. I have dyed and bought so much yarn using this mix of colours - I loves it I do!

I shall be employing my winder today and will no doubt have a severe case of start-it-tis over the forthcoming weekend. Which will be spent predominately at home because on Sat M has a studio booked and is off jamming with his band until the evening and as I have Aunt Flo visiting I will be taking it easy at home. Sunday - well we have plans but it's all dependent on how my body behaves etc.


Susann said...

That yarn is so lovely! If I had a shop where I could actually touch and see the LL yarns I think I'd be lost and my bank account would weep.


Good grief you've got a good fella there. If K ever came out with that phrase I'd be feeling his head for a temperature!

That seasilk is so pretty I could weep.