Thursday, July 02, 2009

The big wide world.

Just love this photo taken by J on one of our early morning dog walks. We always look out for candy striped snails.

This naughty little dog has a new past's called 'Hunt the outdoors Conkers!'

Yep Mr C McB is now going out on a daily basis. He should be renamed Lurkio, cos he lurks in the undergrowth. He is working diligently on his pigeon cookbook on a daily he is writing up Pigeon Omelet with a side dish of Collar Dove chunky chips.

Am enjoying a quiet week. Watching the tennis, listening to next doors baby/toddler scream - the joys of playing with cold water on a hot day, zoning out the drone of the air conditioner (which has been a blessing and a bit this week) and generally just taking it easy....nice. Lottie, J and M are romping around with water pistols and playing with the water slide and paddling pool. We've had dinner up the garden every evening....bliss. So far it's been a really nice why am I so miserable? Time of the month, time of the year? It'll pass.

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SiressYorkie said...


Snails and slugs have devoured 90% of the things I've planted this year. Nine years in England, and I NEVER saw anything like the Slugzillas I see here.

The little f*ckers get a huge dose of salt or beer and some verbal smackdown whenever I see them anywhere near my plants now. NO MERCY!