Friday, November 11, 2005


Isn't this cute? It was cold and Buster curled up next to my knitting. A purring, cat dreaming ball of warm black and white, hidden face, fluff. Ahhhh how sweet. Then.....................I saw something on his paw....dirt? Nope, a nerfin great flea! Yuck!! I only Frontlined him in September, but since then he has cultivated a pet. We drowned the sucker, flea combed a totally disgruntled Buster and then we Frontlined him, all at 10.30 pm. We did the dog as well this morning. So neither of my babies are talking to me at moment. I spent all night itching. I know animal fleas don't live on humans but that didn't stop me from feeling cooty. I always Frontline the animals as per the instructions throughout the year as I abhor fleas. I can't believe that he managed to smuggle one in. I'm still all itchy feeling today. I've done all the soft furnishings and the few rugs and carpet that we have but ewwwwwww cooty, cooty, cooty.

We have some new pets as well. J now is the proud owner of 6 stick insects (pink winged ones) M's sister has some and they had babies. They are weeny. I'm still not too sure about stick insects, especially flying ones. I am reserving judgement until they are a bit bigger. But even as littlies they sure do poo a lot.

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