Sunday, November 20, 2005

A quick catch up.

It's been quiet - there quick enough for you!

Only joking. Just realised today that I am going through a really tough patch because as of Tuesday next, I won't have left the house for two weeks! Where does the time go? lol. M & J go out heaps, just thought I'd mention this, before people think that I'm cruel to my child and force him to stay in when I'm like this. It was a really stupid thing that set it off, a questioning of my intentions to be somewhere on a set day, it just threw me into blind panic that this person questioned me on would I be somewhere. I think that when I feel pressured (no matter how well-meaning the person is being) I retreat back to my comfort zone. Anyway, I have a bad hip, lots of pain, so resting it has probably helped. I've also had an ear infection so that has also made me a bit more antisocial as well.

I intend to leave the house tomorrow to take J to his HE group. I don't think anyone realises just how hard this is for me. To be thrust into company, with kids legging it all over the shop. I am normally a wreck by the end of it and spend the last hour or so counting the minutes until I can escape.

Now for more positive stuff.

J is learning Geometry with M and doing really well. He has also been looking at English Language stuff and appears to just understand it - like that. He's been a busy chap, full of inventions, home-made comics and just absorbing stuff like a sponge.

Knitting - well I made J fingerless mitts - he's worn them ever since, even sleeping in them. I've finished the front of his jumper and am making myself some Voodoo (Knitty pattern) wristwarmers.

5 out of 6 stick insects remain. We had a loss on Friday. J was devastated. It's too small for a funeral. We discussed Buddhist beliefs and re-incarnation, this cheered him up and he's decided to never kill another bug including flies!

M has been making amazing pottery and generally supporting me while I've been withdrawn. He is such a keeper!

Deb my Sp - has been cheering me up with regular PU's (perker-uppers) a regular smile fest has been a great help.

Plans for today - make onion soup and homemade bread with M. Listen to an Audiobook whilst finishing Voodoo - rest my hip with lots of tigerbalm, heat pad and painkillers. Make a nutloaf for dinner. Drink some red wine and have an early (ish) night.

OK - all up to date - not very exciting - sorry but perhaps the next blogg will be more jolly ;0)

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Allie said...

Hi, Peri. Sorry you're going through a tough patch. Hope you're soon feeling better. Missed you at group today - it was a very quiet session all round.

Take care - see you soon.