Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Of webs and wool.

On the FO front this is Branching Out from Knitty and a hat of my own design in Louisa Harding Kimono Angora. I really enjoyed making these and have stored them away for the autumn. I also finished my Little Shell (lace) socks from the pattern by Judy Sumner - I can't get a good picture of them though. I've also been knitting some tessellated fish (scuse spelling - brain fatigue). And my own design wrap is growing. That's the wool dealt with.

Now of webs. Phido made his sperm web last night (so soon after moulting - he took us by surprise). This means he is ready to breed - which means he is at the end of his life span. We don't know how long it will be - Fluffy lasted months, but he didn't really eat or anything just roamed around his tank in endless circles looking for a lady spider. We are trying to find someone who has a B.Smithi lady ready to mate for Phido so his genes live on...keeping our fingers crossed on this. The sex of any immature spider you buy is such a lottery as unless you get a clear indication in the skin sheds until they are mature it's a hit and miss business. Anyone who claims to be able to sex a spider without its moult whilst it's a sub-adult ...well I can't say it..poohey.

Other stuff. We are on hols for part of next week. M is off work and call from Friday pm until Thurs next week........wheeeeeeeeeeee! I have managed to fit a weeks study into 2 days and am trying to complete 90% of next weeks by Friday. That's why I have brain fatigue.

So now I'm off to rest my poor aching noddle.

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