Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not a happy bunny.

Just not. No particular reason (that I wish to share) just very grumpy. SP6 *humph* I have a new SP who is just grand but my previous SP who I worked out her identity dissed me on her blog because she shat on me - but I got the frickin blame - well that just pee'd me right off. It was unjustified and unfair. The girl I'm sending to is VERY quiet - I've sortof given up emailing her and being friendly cos she replies with just one line if she replies at all. She didn't post to the SP thread or her blog about parcel 2 (which in my opinion was a stonking one) and if I hadn't chased her she might have never told me she'd got it at all. So parcel 3 is all bought - just need to pack it and send it and then I am done with SPing for a while. This round has been my first not so good and I haven't enjoyed it as I've felt very left out, so no sp's for now.

Life is just a bit humdrum. I am swamped in study and other stuff and my get up and go has well and truly got up and gone. My agoraphobia is terrible and I am hiding away from the world. Mind you, did take J and some cousins to Drusillas (local small animal zoo) yesterday - am knackered today but they loved it and we stayed much longer than intended.

Have designed a wrap pattern which is being made up - I am very happy with it and will put up pictures once it's completed. Apart from that I knitted up some Angora into a hat (own design) and Branching Out (Knitty pattern) over the Easter - very pleased with both. Not yet photographed - just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Fifi - is now Phido (quick sex change) last moult showed she is a he. Dolly moulted too but it's still too soon to tell which sex. Humbug has grown and is now in a proper tank - so spiders all good.

Loobles it gorging herself on catfood at every sneaky chance.

Connor is a mad kitty.

J is obnoxious (really, really gobby).

M is a sweetie who is putting up with an oooober grumpy me. He bought me some very sweet Easter gifties to cheer me up and I publicly announce that "He is wonderful and I adore him!"


zibibbo said...

oh yuck you got a poo of an SP6er? You have informed the gourdesses have you not? Wouldn't want anybody else to be subjected to such treatment you know.

I had no ideas spideys did the one the fly sex change dealie.

glittrgirl said...

Sorry to hear about your bad SP experience Peri. :(

Marymac said...

I wish we'd known sooner you weren't being thanked properly! Will get on that right away!

Don't pay any attention to that blog post. I'm the one who made the decision to replace her right away -- "life happens" is not an excuse. I just hope your replacement SP made up for it a bit.

*kicks somebody in the shin*


Matey, that sucks. I hope your week gets better and that this doesn't put you off SPing forever....hxxx

gourdongirl said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your SP. Hope you will not be put off. I had a similar experience with a SP from an other knitting group. (not knitty), my knitty one was brilliant. Hope things pick up soon. (Shonze)

Brittany said...

I can't believe someone was so horrid to you. :(