Saturday, April 22, 2006

SP 6

From a previous post 'Not a happy bunny' I mentioned that my replacement SP rocked and she (?) does (I have no idea of anything about them except they're from Canada). This morning has been good I received an e-mail from Deb (Yarner - from SP5) her e-mails always cheer me up, she is such a good person. Then Plod the postie actually delivered mail on a Saturday *gasp* and for me - a parcel full of goodies and delights. Knitting/sewing notions, a Gnome (separate post), Burt Bees hand care, another handcare lotion which I've already tried and is sublime, a bag light for keys and a badge from where she comes from. So a BIG-UP and a "Thank you" to my wonderful replacement SP.

Also thanks to all of you who left such nice comments on my grumpy post - that you cared did help me to feel better, ((((hugs))))) to you all!

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Your SP said...

I'm very glad you liked your presents.
I have some of your third and last parcel ready to go, but I went to Alaska last weekend and wanted to be sure they didn't have anything that needed to go in. (They didn't. ;) Mostly because no stores were open.)
SO I'll be shipping off next week some time and I'll give you a heads-up. I'll send this one air, too.
I'm sorry for being late with my last parcel.
Lots of love,
Your Backup SP