Saturday, April 22, 2006

Norman the Gnome

Ladies, gents and peeps may I introduce Norman the Gnomie who has just flown in from Canada. He is here to recuperate following a serious accident in his Yoga class, which has resulted in his arms bending the wrong way. He also must be in desperate need of the loo as his legs are permanently crossed. That hasn't stopped him getting a twinkle in his eyes when he saw the Blythes on the shelf next to him. I'm a bit worried there as I'm sure I saw one of them with a copy of Snow White the other day and Normans future may hold some time in a diamond mine, wielding an axe and impersonating a dwarf...who can tell?
I will hide the port tonight as I have a feeling that he may have a drink problem and the girlies are always up for a party and I do feel that with his injuries being a Blythes sex slave may be a tad too much for the old chap - a move to dragon plant may be in order. We shall see. He might like being a young things fancy...........

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