Friday, March 11, 2005

This week I have.....

been mostly hiting the books. I'm torn - the stuff itself is quite interesting but the way they want you to critically analyse it is a load of cods - IMHO. I think this because you can not be objective therefore your own constructions and discourses affect how you analyse this stuff. So how can there be a right or a wrong because all are equally valid because even my tutor is influenced by her constructions , and so on and so forth - it's a brain f**K!

Lalalalalalalalalalalaladedah - went off on one there for a bit.

I've also gone back to debating whether to have another facial piercing or not. 50/50 here, it does appeal but I hate the swelling and the healing process and will it look stoopid at my age? - I don't actually care how I'm perceived by others, this is more of a self image type thingy. Oh well what the hell - I'll think about it a bit more.

I took J out to a grown up lunch this week - he was sooooo good and we had fun. It's something we will do again. We also bought a molecule toy - magnets/sticks - I'll post a picture. He had so much fun with this - so on the h.e front this week it's been a molecular week. A world away from his h.e. group topic this week - the Victorians - but you have to go where your kids interests are. We also did a science experiment - erupting a volcano - bi-carb & vinegar and have bought a crystal growing thingamabob which we'll do over the weekend - I expect.

It's also almost time to dig over my veggie patch - and start on the ole seed trays - I'm hoping that this year J will take a more active interest in the whole process - I thought I might give him his own seed tray and a collection of seeds to plant in his very own patch - he can then tend it and reap his own harvest - it will be interesting to see how this works out. I'd like an allotment but need my family to be a part of it - so it will hinge a bit on J's enthusiasm.

On the knitting front - I ordered some ggh from get knitted to make the little summer wrap cardi in Rebecca - it's a mohair mix in a very neutral minky/beige colour - that will go with everything. This will be an experiment because normally I can't wear fluffy stuff and hate knitting with it. My wavy scarf is almost complete - will post pictures once it's done. The rest is same as last post - mind you lucky find - lining for the Torvesta Bag - wool/silk mix- light weight, reduced from 9.50 a metre to 4.50 - no complaints there!!


monkeemaven said...

Among humans there is no right or wrong because everybody who tries to judge right from wrong has been influenced somehow by other screwy humans and is therefore not objective?
My brain hurts!

glittrgirl said...

i too am making that little wrap top - in the richest darkest ikiest bluey black! good taste obviously!