Saturday, March 26, 2005


it's Easter - and? It's just getting too commercial that's all - I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of Easter. I like the idea of making gifts, painting eggs not just down to Asda for 4 for a Fiver. It's also the social thing - why do I have to be nicer to people because it's Easter? The other thing is good weather at Easter - why do the English think you have to go out if it's nice weather? Weather is weather - if you want to go out do so and f**k the weather, the same applies if you want to stay in - doh!

There are only two good things about Easter - 1. M's home for 4 whole days (though he's on call) I love having my husband at home with us - can't understand women who moan about having their men under their feet. 2. J is so happy and excited - totally full of beans - he's funny.

Ok I know I'm a grouch - but that's who I am - if you are all happy and full of Easter Bunnyness - go read someone elses blog!

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