Monday, March 28, 2005

My final finished version of Tovesta Posted by Hello


Jo said...

That's a great bag! Where did you get the pattern? I love the belt, too!

Anonymous said...

i am having trouble with the straps on this bag. how do you make the decreasing part have the ribs like the rest?

peri said...

*****To Anon poster on old Torvesta post*****

I will also reply on the post you commented on in case you don't normally read my blog.

I've made this pattern twice now - both quite a while ago - I've checked the pattern and my notes and I made no comment about having problems with the straps at all. Looking at the bags the ridge is there - so I am assuming I just carried on with the pattern using a shortened version on rows 1 & 3 as established. Hope this helps.