Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Catch up

So I've had my birthday, been away for a dirty mid-week break with Hubby, studied until my brain aches, re-read a couple of favourite books (I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith & The Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland), I 've tried to stick to my diet 99% of the time (not while I was away though) and have generally been ponceing around and not posting (other than pictures) for a while.

Why is this? You tell me.

It's just a blah time of year - can't be asked to do much or care about much really - there's honesty for you!

I have a brilliant Secret Pal - who is making me laugh. I love buying for my recipient Secret Pal - who seems to like her gifts - I must go shopping for her again in the next week or so.

I'm knitting quite a bit - but study is intruding - I keep telling myself this is the last year but it doesn't make it any easier - the fact that this years course bores the tits off me doen't help much either.

We had a little snow - enough for M, J and the dog to have a snowball fight. Buster (cat) must be feeling his age as for the 1st time ever he declined their kind invitation to join in. He sat, all diginified in my arms and watched out of the window - it really was beneath him and he had a faint air of superior disapproval about him - haughty boy. The dog loved it though and enjoyed chasing little white balls that disappeared as soon as she bit them - then she looked around as if to say 'where'd it go?' J perfected the art of hit and run and hid behind the neighbours fence for protection and M just gambled about as if he were 18 not ??.

I'm still a Sockaholic - really must see about getting help for this addiction. I am also knitting a bag in Noro Kureyon called Tovesta - the only problem is - my hands ache when I knit it - perhaps because it's a fairly stiff, thick wool and fairly small needles for the wools texture - 4-8 rows and I've had enough (all the writing I'm doing adds to the pain). My Donegal tweed is still sleeveless - I'm getting there - it will be ready for spring (fingers-crossed).

I have decided to go to the Knitty meet up in London next month - should be fun - no matter what else it will be interesting - on a personal front dealing with my agoraphobia and satisfying my curiosity about these cyber knitting buddies. Will they fit my mental images - will I? - Doubt it but then I'm a weirdo.........................lol.

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glittrgirl said...

Yay! Peri's coming to London!!!!!