Thursday, January 24, 2013

What have you been doing Mrs?

Well Bloggie on Friday in all that awful snow I was in the car with M driving and J in his own little Ipod world heading to Wiltshire. We had a family weekend away booked at Centerparcs at Longleat (Ma was dog and kitty sitting). The journey had some rather scary points and took at least an hour and half longer than normal and Centerparcs itself was having some issues but by four pm we had unpacked and were in our cosy little villa.

Outside looked snow scene picture perfect. Inside there was a log fire and hubbly bubbly bath and we had lots of things booked and planned. There was swimming, saunas and a lovely manicure for me and J? Well J had a you can see from the pictures above and below.

We heard a couple of "Whoa Nelly" and a few "Whooohooooos" so I think he had fun.

We spent a lot of time feeding our neighbours who seemed to appreciate  the food.

We enjoyed the view.

We enjoyed this as well.

There was a lot of fun and laughter. Lots of relaxing and we a lovely time.

The snow stayed and grew a bit but the journey home was fine and dandy and involved a detour to a pottery suppliers and wool shop.

M has gone back to work today though and J has a bit of a sore throat bug and we are happy to be home. I'd rather of not had the snow to contend with but we didn't let it get in the way of trip and it was an 'experience'.

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