Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The reading continues....

Magician by Raymond E Feist (authors preferred text)
Format - kindle

I read this book in my late teens originally (I haven't read the two that follow it, though I have a faint recollection of giving up on the 2nd one) and when this came up on my Kindle I couldn't resist it. I have to say the pleasure I first felt when following the adventures of Pug and Tomas hasn't left me and the extra details given in this version really added to the story for me. I was swept up in the story from the first chapter and gave a little sigh of regret at the last one that it was done. Perhaps later this year I will get the others and see how I get on.

The Fault in our Stars by John Green
Format - kindle

Last year I read 'Paper Towns' by this author and loved it. It was different and compelling and a literally breath of fresh air. I kept meaning to read another but didn't. This one showed up as a recommendation, I wasn't sure at first when I read the reviews and saw it dealt with cancer but I had faith in the author and needed a holiday read so bought in anyway. I am so glad I did. Yes it has a storyline that includes cancer but it is so much more than that - it is sad but not maudlin. It is a very different little book and in its own way, even with the subject matter, is a refreshing read. I really must read more of this guys work because it is so nice to find a novel that really satisfies but also gives a kick to convention and subject matter.

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