Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I really, really blew my stack this morning. Can't remember the last time 'ole faithful' gushed forth in such anger - must have been my late teens or early twenties.

Talk about a women pushed to the brink of tolerance,

When will the testosterone war cease? Pre-pubescent skinny runt Vs dashing to work, agitated goatman. I had an overwhelming 'meat in the sandwich-make this stop NOW' moment and shouted like I have not shouted in years. I think even the 'man at the market' stopped pushing his broom and stood to attention.

It obviously needed to come out - normally I just fume and walk away but this morning - whoa out it came. Perhaps it's my middle of the month hormones kicking in or just an attack of morning grouch.

I feel better now though.

J is being very quiet - I don't he quite expected that reaction to him acting a total tit -then again nor did M for being exasperated.

Oh well.

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SiressYorkie said...

I'll never get why menfolk feel like they can be total dinks, complain, whinge, and otherwise make life horrendous for everyone and not have any reaction.

My hubby spends whole days stomping around, complaining, and sighing deeply, making the environment totally toxic, then comes in at the end of the day smiling That Knowing Smile.

And I'm like, NO, dipwit. Observe the scowl. Behold the Sweatpants of Disinterest and the Baggy Shirt of Apathy. You reap what you sow, boyo.