Friday, April 17, 2009

Handspun Ruby

I've been spinning more of the merino/silk blend I got from P & M Woolcraft at the rare breeds show at the Open Air Museum at Singleton last July. I had an idea that it would make a great vest type thingy. The problem was which one, the choice came down to three and in the end I decided on 'Ruby' from a 'Fine Fleece' by Lisa Lloyd.

It is a compulsive knit. I am really enjoying it and I love the tweedy effect of the handspun.
Everything else is fairly quiet here - not much exciting. Marmite moulted and is now a medium sized tarantula with glossy black legs and a coffee coloured carapace. He made a web mat and moulted overnight and is now back to burrowing around his tank. Dogs, cat and kidlet are all well and dandy. M and I are fine - life is just pottering on.


Jenny Leggings said...

you span that!!! I am green with envy ;)

Jo said...

The delicate subtleties of the yarn don't show up quite so well in the photo...beautiful as it is, it is even more beautiful in the flesh!

Anonymous said...

ooh I love how it's knitting up! such a gorgeous colour - I only got 100g of that stuff but I think it'll go quite nicely with some of the batts I made so am hoping to eke it out!