Thursday, April 02, 2009


About 2 or 3 years ago I ripped a ligament in my right knee. Most of the time it's fine but occasionally it gives me jip. This week it got Lottie'd. She took a flying leap from the floor onto my lap and landed on my knee and then proceeded to trample about on it doing her happy doggy dance. By the following morning my knee was puffy and felt like I had put an elastic band around it. That was Tuesday morning - so I've spent the last two days attempting to rest it (though I spent most of yesterday on my feet). It is a bit better today and the swelling has decreased considerably but I miss spinning!!!! And I haven't done my yoga for two days either - single leg stances are impossible right now. I did meditate and practice my deep breathing but it's not the same as a good stretch out.

I've also not been able to walk the girlie's. I intend to go with them this evening if I manage to rest it enough today and the swelling stays down.

I think that I shall cast on for something new today and maybe that will keep me in my chair for a while, but I have realised this last couple of days that I never sit still for long - I must have ants in my pants!

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Batty said...

Ouch! Yes, please put your legs up. Sit back, make some tea, knit.