Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday morning

 Love in the mist or as it is better known around here - fuck in the fog.
 Poppies in flower.
 Poppy not in flower or unflowered.
 Bogey brows - the tidy version.
Sleek and shiny Little Bo.

Holiday so far - really good. Weathers been iffy but that doesn't really bother us. Spent a lot this week getting stuff sorted - eye tests, dog grooming, collecting clay supplies - doing things that require the car so need M at home as I am a non-driver.

Today is the first sunny and so far fine day. Fine enough for me to wear a summer skirt! J is happy planning his birthday next week, M has popped to the shops for essentials like cat food and loo roll. I've dusted and hoovered - got a bit of ironing to do. Then the rest of the day is our own - no ties, no time limits - lovely.

Got a quiet weekend planned - got some household bits I want to do (like weeding the drive, pressure washing the front of the house), Mike wants to pot and J will want to do 'his' stuff with his mates. Festival of Speed will most likely snarl up traffic for the places we had thought of going so will put holiday trips on hold till next week.

Hope your weekend is all you wish it to be.

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