Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To the blog cave Robin!

What has been a happening? Hmmmm not a lot really. Some knitting - well that must be a shock to everyone!
 Some gardening and some picture taking.
 Some snoozing.
And even more snoozing.

Other bits - well J's braces are off and his teeth look fab, he gets his retainer tomorrow. The dogs got attacked but are fine now - they are both booked in for an overdue shampoo and set next week - though Fergus may go for a retro spiral perm. Lottie wants them to crimp her beard - cool!

Ma bought home some virulent old people cold germs which she has been determined to share - we gave her a leper bell and have been warding her off with garlic. Sadly J succumbed and is now undergoing quarantine in his room -hostage to his X-box until I deem him safe to let out. We start a fortnights holiday (staycationing this year) next week - so neither M or I want to be holiday snot monsters! (Bet we are - or one of us will get it the first week to give to the other for the second) perhaps we need to install a snogging ban for us two!

Got a new groovy fluro watch as a surprise pressie from M - I love it.

Got loads of projects on the go - am loving them.

Reading loads.

Both M and I forgot to make bread yesterday so am planning to make cheese scones for lunch.

We've been planning our two weeks off and are really looking forward to some time to do (weather permitting) all we've planned. But then again rain is good - M can pot and I can knit etc. J's birthday falls in the second week and we are trying to get him to decide what he'd like to do......his suggestion is a PJ day eating junk food and playing on his Tit-box - can't see it happening!

Think that covers some of it - lol. Well comes to mind or lack of it right now. Time to boil my head, I mean kettle and crack on with the chores.

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