Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A little bit of discombobulation.

As you know the gruesome twosome of the terrier world got attacked by two Staffies this week on their afternoon perambulation. This has resulted in a vets trip for Bo-bo, a clippering of her back fur and antibiotics and £40 less in this months budget. The dogs are fine, over it but it has made me feel a little strange. Firstly my agoraphobia has gone into over drive - can't leave the house at the moment - I know this a knee jerk thing and it will pass but I am now very nervous about walking the dogs, even with M going with me *big, big sigh*. I know I will rationalise it and sort it out in my head and then I'll be fine but I'll feel like shit in the meantime.

I'm better now than I was this morning, when I woke up I just couldn't face the day or cope with anything, simple questions resulted in no more than a shrug. As the day has progressed my brain functions are returning though I could quite easily burst into tears at any moment. How weird that the dogs bounce back but I have to have a wallow in my neuroses for a bit. I do wish my brain could be mended and I could go back to be unafraid of the world I inhabit! *even bigger sighs*

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Zanne said...

Poor dear! *Hugs* to you! I can understand the feeling. It's not easy to get past all that. Take care of you!