Monday, July 04, 2011

Finished me holibobs.

 Had a lovely, relaxing two weeks. We pottered about, ate lovely food, drank too much wine, read, watched tennis, got loads of stuff we've been meaning to do done, oh and I did some knitting. M is back at work today, the house seems empty without him. I do miss him but roll on the weekend. Some friends are coming to visit so that is something to look forward to.
 I finished my Wimbledon project early (little red Ishbel which is on my Rav page) so I need something for the finals.This is one of 3 wristbands by Cat Wong in the current Knitty called Pretty Twisted. Nice little knit, I am pleased with the result. The only downside, for me, is I have a little RSS problem in my left hand at the moment and this aggravated it.
 New plants. I was going to put them outdoors but on the first night a 'turd snake' (large brown slug) ate half a leaf, so indoors they came. My plant guru (Ma) reckons they'll be fine inside. They are both types of Coleus.
Talking of plants Johnny, our 24+ year old Rubber Plant, is making a take over bid of our sitting room! Our Fig is over 20 years old too and is thriving. I don't touch them as I am a certified plant killer.

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