Friday, July 08, 2011

A weirdigon kinda week.

 This has been an everything and nothing kind of week. It's flown by. It's been really busy. I've got loads done and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. It's also been an emotional week in as much as things have effected me on an emotional level from books I'm reading to things I'm watching. Most strange.

Two good things though are M bought me some lovely flowers on the day he went back to work. I love white roses. They are starting to open out and are gorgeous.
And the other good thing is that Tiny moulted (safely). She hid behind her log and next thing it was all over. She is much darker and a lot bigger and still appears to be either a juvenile or a female (hoping it's the latter). She is still being quite timid and we've not had a really good look at her but she is pretty magnificent from what we have seen.

J got new glasses (finally) 3rd attempt at collecting them - maybe it be shouldn't go to SpecSavers? Morons! He has also finished all the work we set out to complete this year - everything. So a couple of weeks of laziness for him and then we start again.

Now it is time to finish the boring stuff and then it's the weekend. Looking forward to seeing P and T tomorrow but without the wonderful Iggins and Eddie, should be fun but weird without the dogs being the centre of attention!

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