Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Yap from Mrs Grunty

Hail my Monkey Minions,

I am dictating this from my monkeys beddy as I am expawsted this week. There have been strange things a paw that have kept me very busy. Me and McNortybeard were having our evening garden romp, we normally help Mr Monkey water his green growing stuff by attacking the watering can, we kill the hose and McNortybeard does his cricket, frog and toad husbandry but this particular evening something happened......

There was a fud noise by the fence at the top of the garden and rustle in gihunormus tree and me and McNortybeard knew  by the tingling in our beards and tails that there was a fing in the tree (not a blue fing) another kind of fing. McNortybeard tried to climb the tree (well he is part ape) and I scrabbled at the bottom of it and all was silent but we knows it was still there so we set up a watch.

The Monkeys made us come in eventually - they have this strange power over us they say "Bis-kits" and we are compelled to run indoors - but the watch continues....well for me anyway, McNortybeard is more interested in his critters but every minute I am in the garden I am a watching that tree intently, so far the fing is being still and quiet but I am certain it is still there.

All this watching is very exhausting so I may need a little longer abeddy before I can muster my strength up for brekkie.

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