Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The blahs with a side order of meh.

Long time (for me) no blog. No reason. Life is quiet and I have the 'blahs'. Nothing in particular wrong just becalmed in the doldrums. Not much to say or report really. Will just do a general catch up.

1) New plants thriving both are growing green alien willies out of their tops, one has a green alien willy with little mauve flowers...may have to call the plant alien willy doctor.

2) Frog season is over in the garden. All hail  the start of the Cricket killing season. First victim chomped in two this morning. Fergus is very happy.

3) Lottie licked a toad, it made her eyes water and her nose run. Lucky she's OK, it was a baby one not Derek (Fergus's nemesis) who is the biggest, fattest toad I have ever seen. You can see he's a hard lad who stands no nonsense from Terriers....well he must be to survive in our garden and grow to that size.

4) Conkers loves the solar powered Cricket aka Mr. T. He pretends he doesn't then when no-one is looking he swipes it one.

5) Other plants/veggies doing well. Had our first, very yummy, batch of tatties. We chose Charlotte's they were so flavoursome that they needed nothing - no dressing, butter, salt, pepper they just melted in the mouth.

6) Reading 'Jane Slayre' and loving it. Re-listening to Cranford just because I can and it makes me smile so much.

7) Been X stitching a bit - subversive stuff again. Another thing that makes me smile.

8) Bought a great coffee table book when Paula and Tim came down the other weekend - it is all  b&w photos up to the 1940's of people and their pet dogs with the odd appropriate quote. No BT's but one Scottie and a few Dallies. Totally fab book, really fascinating.

9) Engrossed in the Tour. Fab, fab and even more fab. With Wiggins out, Cav is waving the flag for the UK with the Green Jersey. And part of me really wants Voekler to keep yellow - he has such guts and determination.

10) Last and not least - knitting type stuff. No spinning but plenty on the needles. M's socks are hold till the autumn. I have two other pairs on the go, one plain and one not. Two lace shawls and a modular knitted patchwork throw which I am loving - it's all reds and green - so pretty. Need to get my designing head on soon for a pair of mitts for a friend and a unusual hat request - looking forward to it.

That's it all boring and mundane but that's all I've got.

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