Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memo from Mrs Grunty.

Hello Monkey Minions.

I have some interesting fings to report. Pay attention now these fings are impawtant.

1) Toads taste bad - nuff said - they are NOT noms.
2) Fergus cheats when we play with the manky, busted yello flopper - he tells Scottie lies, distracts me and  then sits his fat football arse on the flopper and pretends it has vanished.
3) Extended Sunday morning blue fing parades are more fun if you dead leg one MF (monkey fing) and trample, and I quote, 'the nutsack (?)' of the other.
4) They call me Princess cos I am!
5) Growling whilst running in with a Kong in your maw make MF's laugh - I have no idea why - do you?
6) Biting the drill is fun!
8) Soopervising the hanging of blinds is an important job - I guarded the box with little fings in it.
9) I likes Kitty toys - so why does they get hidded from me? I dusen't wanna hurt them......much.
10) I finks it is important to be carried down for wees at bedtime cos I is 'speshul' and am too sleepy to do stairs - let Bogey walk, he's NOT impawtant.

That's yer lot. Off to hunt .....but not toads. Will report back again when more speshul impawmation has been collected.

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