Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Start-it-us abounds!

Don't know what it is with me right now but I can't settle or find contentment with any project - which has major suckage.

I just have to wait for it to pass....lalelalela.

We did get out with the kites yesterday. T'was like riding a bike, a bit rusty to start with, then it all came flooding back. The wind wasn't clean though and was quite buffeting - on and off. But we all had fun. J flew my 4ft Flexifoil which has virtually no pull but is mega quick. He also tried out M's Scorpion (its sail is looser than mine as it's older - this makes it a bit easier to fly), M supervised him as it was pulling a lot but he seemed to like it and is eager to get out again. We've donated a very old Ripstop Peter Powel Stunt Kite to him it needs big winds but is great to learn on and is pretty indestructible.

We are planning to get out with them again maybe tonight if we can - can't wait!

Fair winds and tight lines.

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