Sunday, May 02, 2010

Gone crazy(ier)

About hexagons! A few years back I did quite a few patchwork classes (about 2 years of terms in total) with the wonderful Jo Franklin. She started us from scratch with patchwork hexagons using paper piecing. This week, after sorting through my fabric stash, I felt moved to go back to my patchwork roots and start a piece of fabric.

I have so many wonderful fabrics squirrelled away and loads of scraps from big projects that it just felt right to use some of them up in this basic fashion. I have no idea, yet, what the fabric I make will become but I am enjoying rediscovering the process.

The crocheted ones are growing too. With the one on the hook, I have 30 now.

What else can I do that's hexagonal? :o)

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