Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bookington of books

Poor little neglected bloglet. Not much reading gone on either but still I will update what I have read.
There has also been a lot of starting books and abandoning them as I don't know what I fancy reading.Mmanaged to find a good one I am reading right now, which is so nice. In fact I didn't want to get up Monday as I read with my early morning coffee, and I so wanted to read another chapter, but I was good and went in the shower instead.

The Long Bridge: Out of the Gulags by Urszula Muskus
Format - Kindle

Not my normal reading choice though I have read other books on this subject years ago, but there was something about the reviews of this book that made me want to read it. It is shocking but not written to shock, the language in almost poetical in places and sparse in others and it is that which gives this book its impact. It is like a journal story that tells the facts but with such a human face and tongue that makes it so emotive without the need for gore. The horror of this story doesn't need added shock factors at all. I highly recommend this book. It is easy to read on level and one of the hardest reads I've ever had on another. Compelling though.

Sleeping Roses by Rachelle Workman (spoilers)
Format - Kindle

Did I like this book? Kind of. Is it well written? Kind of. There are levels of cleverness about this story and then there is the sense that she ran out of time and the twisty climax feels rushed. There was also a sense of that old stuck for an ending...."then I woke up and it was all dream" (Spoiler-ish). I did read it quite quickly but a lot of the time I was mentally yelling at the heroine to "man up" and stop being so bloody dappy and wet. There was more interest in  a couple of background characters, which the author should have exploited more. Just my opinion, but it is cheap and easy reading, so it is value for money but not an author I will likely revisit.

Confucius Cat Says by P R Mason
Format - Kindle

Love this. Quick, funny and light. Wonderful. This author knows cats and I think was channelling my old cat Buster when they wrote most of this book.

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend by Jenny Colgan
Format - Kindle

Of all this authors books that I've read (see previous booky post) I liked this one the least. I read it whilst reading the first book in this post because, after two chapters of this book I needed something to nourish my literally soul. Didn't like the story, bit obvious, didn't like any of the characters....not a single one and by the end of it (which again seemed clich├ęd and rushed) I was bored. Jenny Colgan - done. Might read any news ones but won't be reading her back catalogue if this is an example of them.

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