Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pictures galore.

I love taking and posting pictures - so below I've added a few new ones.

The dalek picture was inspired by a family of home-ed friends. Their son L made an uber cool Dalek so J decided he wanted to post his creations so L could see them. The smaller one which is a 'special weapons gunner Dalek' was a totally solo effort created yesterday afternoon.

The spider piccies have been taken in the last couple of days by M - the warmer weather is encouraging both of them to come out more. How long before M comes home with another one?

Finally, had to post a picture of Snuffles(?) or the Hon. G.P. Isn't he cute? He's still very hand shy - he likes to be held and stroked and he settles ok - but he does NOT appreciated being stroked in his hutch. Time I'm sure will improve that.

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