Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rosie Red Encore

2 in 1 day - gosh! Look what my darlin M bought to cheer me up. A new Blythe! The post title is her given name - but I don't like Rosie (know too many pets with that name) but her clothes are monogrammed with a diamonte R - so we need an R name.......stumped.....any suggestions?

My grumps have been getting worse. I know I have PMT as well but honestly. No family members remain with their heads intact. I am trying hard to shake it off but honestly again the slightest thing and I blow. My painful back does not help.

Anyway enough grouching. J has had a fabbo day. Lunch at his fav restaurant. Loads of pressies - with a dash of Dr Who stuff. Money to spend in the Lego shop. Time to trash his room and build said Lego - the guy who owns the shop where I buy my Blythes even gave him a little Lego kit (so kind). We are going to have a traditional stylie birthday tea and cut the Dalek cake.

As an extra birthday treat we have booked to go away camping this weekend in Bath as J loves it there (so do I). So something to look forward to. I will revisit the lock of doom *shudders* very scary - but that's another story (I'll take/post a piccie - it's the deepest lock in the UK). The site has the best rating in the AA guide and the online reviews are glowing. So here's hoping I come back recharged and a damn sight more jolly.

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Trillian42 said...

Lovely Blythe! How about Roxanne? She looks like a Roxanne to me...

And happy birthday to the kiddo! A Dalek cake, eh? Sounds like fun!