Monday, July 03, 2006


Here is Mr Sleepy-Head - M and I had been up since 6 - sluggabed here didn't appear until 7 - how lazy can you get? (He's cuddling a Giant Microbe of HIV - don't ask.) Very early morning campsite - about 6.15am - most quiet the site was all weekend.
Ahhhh the babbling brook. M & J had mega fun racing twig boats and paddling - where was I? Reclining in the shade with a good book.

We had a fabbo time. Miles too hot for my liking. I miss the sea breeze. Great site, a bit regimented but very clean. We were lucky that our pitch had a good deal of shade because it was sweltering.

We walked in to Bath. The site map said 40 mins - Hah! We walk at a good pace and it took us at least and hour and half. We were melting. The towpath needs some love and attention as does the river. I counted at least a dozen sunken shopping carts.

Bath was beautiful , hot and packed. We went to the cathedral square etc. Did the tourist bit. I missed the Jane Austen Museum (again) because it was sooooooo hot and we were soooooooo tired by then. We revistied the lock of doom but I forget to take a piccie. It still made me shudder though. Caught a bus back to the campsite (now that was fun - our bus driver almost crashed the bus 4 times and spoke no English). Lucky for us a kindly gent told us which stop we needed - proves there are decent people still alive then.

The people on the camp were a friendly bunch which was nice. We cracked open a bottle of wine, retired to the brook bank and chilled.

Very hot journey home but no traffic problems. Most of the unpacking is done. Now it's just the giant mound of laundry - yuck!!

Off to Bracklesham in a couple of weeks for the next jolly camping jaunt.

Other news;

Both Humbug and Boris have moulted over the weekend. Not seen Boris yet but little Bumhug is not little any more!

Yay Tour De France Time - come on Big Maggy win a sprint for me! No Lance Armstrong this year so the race is wide open. Tres exciting.

I've been claimed by my Summerfling SP - woohoot.

Purlpower rocks.
She sent me a RAK cos I couldn't make it to Woolfest 2006 and she didn't want me to feel left out. Lovely soft, muted colour sock yarn from The Natural Dye Studio
Thank you so much sweetie, you put a big smile on my mug!


Dani said...

Sounds like a lovely break - glad you enjoyed it.

gourdongirl said...

Looks like you had fun at Bath, and happy belated birthday to J.

Why don't you come camp at the same camp site as us for Woolfest next year, we certainly DID have lots of fibery fun. The more the merrier!!!!!!!!!