Sunday, July 23, 2006

Life abounds.

I've been weaving quite a bit recently. What is being made is still on the loom. So I thought I'd put up this piccie of the throw/wrap I made for Gundel (Susann) when she was my SP.

We have babies :0)

Baby stick insects. Two to be precise, number three has either escaped and Conkers has got it or the adults turned cannibal before we got them out into a separate tank. We have loads of eggs, I've put some by for Sis as she fancies some stickies but the rest will get flushed as we have decided that once ours live out their natural lives than it's a big bye-bye to stickies.

Baby Triops! On our 2nd attempt we hatched out some Triops (we can see 3 at the moment). J and M are over the moon as this has been a joint HE science project. We also hatched out some Daphnia and Fairy Shrimp (by accident - in 1st Triop attempt) these will become Triop grub. Once they are big enough to see clearly I'll attempt to post pictures.

It's been a quiet week. I just don't do heat. M sorted out the swimming pool (which has been abandoned for the last 2 summers) which is lovely to flop about in and cool down. Lilo wars have commenced - J & M battle it out for lilo supremacy.

J knitted his 1st complete object this week (with a little help) he made a little blue knitted fish - very cute. He's called him Fishy and he eats chips! This inspired me to knit a piglet (photo to follow) who I've called Figgus. I've also started on a new lace pattern - which will be for a shawl eventually - but I am trying it out on a scarf 1st to see if I've got the math right and the pattern works. So far so good.

Feeling a bit more cheerful -thanks to my Bunny - chief problem solver and shoulder-to-sob-oner.

Yesterday we went to friends for a long afternoon/evening scoff and socialize - very jolly, very good company. The boys played nicely and the grownups sat in the garden, eating, drinking and making music. Lovely.

This week is another a quiet one - they are the kind I like best.

Today is whiz through the chores then chill and knit.

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Susann said...

I still love the wrap and it kept me good company in my office last fall and winter!