Thursday, July 27, 2006

Knitting, kitties and new friends

Only a cat can sleep this soundly in such overwhelming heat - but why choose the computer chair?
This is my test scarf for the lace pattern I'm adapting to use in a shawl. The yarn is from BlueSky Alpacas and is 50/50 mix of alpaca and silk (I think).
Close up of the pattern and stitch definition. The lace weight shawl version in coming along but very slowly due to my inability to cope with the heat.

Earlier this week my SIL introduced us to the two girls who are spending the summer with them from Belarus. SIL does this most summers and spends a good part of the rest of the year fund raising etc for the charity that organizes this. We all did a sponsored walk for them in April. Anyway, I digress, the two girls who are 12 came for a visit. One speaks a little English the other doesn't. J and I had looked up Belarus on Google and also had found a Russian translator so we could say 'Hi' and 'Bye' in their language if nothing else (SIL has a good smattering of Russian as she is learning the language). I know these kids come from great poverty and suffer all sorts of health problems - Chenoybl, but I have to say these two girls are great. Sweet, pleasant and oh so polite. J was a stunner - he found ways to communicate which led to a riotous game of basket ball - he was helpful and friendly and made M and I very proud (yet again). The girls love animals and met the whole L family menagerie - spiders included - I had to draw a picture as SIL didn't know Russian for Spider (shame on her).

The next day J decided to make them a card and we found how to write the message in Russian - he worked really hard designing it so it had a picture of all the pets - including stick insects and Triop.

Hopefully, we will meet them again before they head home.

Other's just too dang hot! I hate people who moan about the weather...but enough is enough. On the plus side saw the most amazing lightening storm last night, out over the sea. Never seen it like that before, spectacular!

Lots of swimming - lilo wars (supplemented with water guns) continues.

Lots of reading - me and J. He's discovered James Bond - films and the novels by Charlie Higson on Bond as a kid (Bloodfever), he is engrossed. As for me, I'm reading a book by Kate Hickson about Courtesans - from late 1700's to Edwardian era. Very well written and a fascinating read. I'd forgotten I'd bought it - found it hidden away - like lost treasure.

Very little else - housework is minimal - I don't do 'sweat/chores' in this heat. Still did the ironing though - phew I had to have a 2nd shower.

So that's me up to date. Life continues is a quiet phase, which is appearing to suit all 3 of us. J in engrossed in allsorts of stuff and seems quite content to potter about, interspersed with swimming. He and I have been playing Shuttles - he's very good - I struggle to out-think him these days and winning is not a foregone conclusion anymore. I also don't have to let him win - he does that all by himself ;0)

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Libi said...

How cool that your SIL does that.

I hear you about the heat, as we've had over 100 every day this month so far (and there's only a few days left!).

I also homeschool my children. I love that you use life sitautions to work homeschooling in. It's the way of teaching a child that all life is about learning.

How easy is it to homeschool in the UK?