Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Torvesta revisited.

A while ago I made a Torvesta bag (Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton - 2nd Noro book) I love that bag and use it everyday. Sadly it's getting a bit sorry looking and worn. So, I made myself a new one. This time I used Debbie Bliss Maya (took 3 and a bit skeins). I'm very pleased with it.

I've finished other stuff and have put piccies on my Flickr - thingy (see bottom of blog - if you want a look) this includes a Stuffie (Ysolda's pattern), a longest swatch - coutesy of Wendy B at The Garter Belt and you guessed...........sockies.

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gourdongirl said...

I just love that bag. I wonder.....I have some skienes of Debbie Bliss maya somewhere in the stash.......mmmmmmm

Glad you enjoyed your 1st camping adventure and are heading off on your 2nd. Camping can be fun....even in the rain!