Friday, June 16, 2006


So I'm off camping for a couple of days - nice long weekend! Weather forecast is good - hurrah.

Grandma is animal sitting and Connor (Conkers McBonkers to his close friends) decided to help organise the church flowers - that she was storing in her bath (??!!?? - strange women). He loves plants, grasses and flowers and considers himself an expert. I was a bit concerned about the Floxgloves but he ignored them.

Loobles hates the suitcase and is sulking in her pit. The spiders are fed and ignorant of whether we are here or not. The guinea pig is nibbling grass and squeaking and the sticks - are exsisting in their own wibbley wobbley world.

I've packed all but the food. Plenty of yarn and red wine, lifes little essentials ;0)

So, see you after the weekend. Be good. Enjoy Conkers and the flowers. xx

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gourdongirl said...

Hope you get more knitting done than I did when i went camping!!!!!!