Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I got tagged............

The effervescent Glittrgirl tagged me to list 5 of my personal idiosyncracies. This has taken some thought and also some input from others (namely the ole man). So here goes;

1) I (apparently) say "do you know what I mean?" a lot. (Humph - I'm not so sure on this one).

2) I bite my lower lip when concentrating.

3) I like scratchy towels. I hate soft towels that just shove the water around your body.

4) I drum - finger drumsticks - when thinking. Not tapping but actual drumming. This even drives me demented.

5) I rub my head in my pillow 3 times before going to sleep at night.

So I now have to tag 5 people. I will choose Gundel, KatieLee (it's a SP thing), the trueggman, Helen (poetangel) and Anniesknit.

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'scratchy towels' I love it! That is probably such a British thing to say!