Thursday, March 19, 2009

Houdini ala Conkers

So the cat escaped in the early hours of Tuesday. I saw him at 6.00am, M was up at 7.00am and in that hour the little feline fuckwit had got out. His only possible route was from a window he'd never attempted before - our bathroom one on the 1st floor which is right above the conservatory roof - about an 8 ft drop to the roof, then another 10ft (approx) to the ground. I found paw prints on the window frame and Ma heard a big thump and saw a small black cat go legging it up the garden. He vanished *poof*.

He was gone all day and reappeared, sauntering out of Ma's bedroom, about 8.00pmish. He'd been in for a while when we found him as his fur was warm and he was calm. Normally when he first comes back he's wild and panics if you approach him etc. But this time M picked him up and he snuggled in and purred happily.

Conkers has always been an indoor cat (history had been told before on this blog but he was a rescue from a cruelty case and needed (then) to be an indoors kitty). But he escapes at least 4 times a year, if not more and once he decides it's time for foray, nothing will stop him until he manages it!

So his future as an indoor cat is under review, if he is soooooo determined to get out perhaps we should bow to his wishes. I'd rather get used to him being 'out' and it become the norm then spend all day like I did Tuesday, acting calm on the surface (J gets upset when Conks goes awol) but panicking all day that he might not come back. Not an easy decision to make. I've never had a come and go kitty, Buster and Kodo used to go in the back garden but never wandered and seemed happy and content with that but Conkers is such a strange boy, it is all new territory.

We're keeping him in till the weekend when we're both around a bit more and then we will see how it goes. A case of a deep breath and fingers crossed.

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