Saturday, September 18, 2010

A colourful slice of.......lemon?

Finally finished my Citron - phew.

Pattern is a free one on Ravelry via Knitty and is written by Hilary Smith Callis.
Knit in the suggested yarn - Malabrigo lace weight in the colourway, gold on a 4mm circ,

I got gauge but the final frill is much shorter as I wouldn't have had enough yarn to cast off otherwise.

I am not a fan of never ending stocking stitch but the increasing and decreasing to make the ruching gave this a little more interest, though towards the end I just wanted it to end and I started to loose the will to live.

I am pleased with the result the yarn is absolutely gorgeous - so very soft and smooshy. I will wear it as I think it is a pretty little knit.

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Batty said...

Very pretty! Citron is on my must-knit list too. I touched some Malabrigo lace the other day, and it's so soft... perfect for around the neck.