Thursday, October 14, 2010

Berry red brambles

I am in love with a hat. This hat. Knit in 24 hours (made my hand ache but I was determined to get it finished) the pattern is well written and gives you a well constructed hat - needs careful blocking though.
I love it so much number 2 is already under construction - but smaller size this time.

Pattern -Brambles by Amanda Muscha - free pattern available on Knitty or via Ravelry.
Size - medium head and medium length.
Needles - 3.75mm/4mm.
Yarn - Cascade 220 from here they have such good colours - I love their reds. This size took 69 grams.

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Lilibet said...

That is gorgeous.Have you seen the hat I have just started.The yarn is really lovely ,with 50% silk.
How are the dogs.I have one very woolie Scottie at the moment.Talk about Hairy McClairie!!