Thursday, October 25, 2012

Books - 95-99

What Matters in Jane Austen by John Mullan
Format - Kindle

My SIL recommended this book to me as she knows how much I love Austen, I was not disappointed. The book is a collection of essays which brings facets of Austen's stories to life which you may not have noticed before, some are interesting and some will change the way you read the text. It has inspired to reread them again soon. If you love Austen this will give some of the story lines and characters a new slant. It is well worth reading.

The Return of Sherlock Homes and The Valley of Fear by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Formats - Audio Book and Paperback.

Continuing with my rereading of Holmes in order - managed to finish these two last week. They never get old. Brilliant.

As The Last Petal Falls by Jessica Woodward
Format - Kindle.

Light and frothy retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a new twist and perspective. I enjoyed it but it wasn't a challenging read and I'm not in a hurry to read others in this series but it did make a nice bit of light relief.

The Devil's Grin (Kronberg Crimes) by Annelie Wendeberg
Format -Kindle.

This I loved. Clever, different, twisty and with the added bonus of Holmes. What more could I ask for? Looking forward to the next one.

Five books to go until I double the 52!

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AE Kronberg said...

Just found that sweet comment of yours. THANK YOU!
As you liked The Devil's Grin, you may like the teaser for the sequel, too:

I hope you enjoy it :-)