Monday, June 03, 2013

A local Sunday (part one)

We have a neighbour who cuts all their grass with a petrol driven strimmer. It takes them all day and their favourite day for this activity is a Sunday. Normally on the kind of Sunday where you want to be out in your garden, feet up, bit of knitting and listening to local kids and the birds singing. Yesterday looked exactly like the above. In fact it was so bad, it drove us out of the house. Even J, who needed a revision break, couldn't stand it anymore. We upped sticks and headed 5 minutes down the road to Rottingdean.

We had a stroll along the under cliff. It wasn't too busy really and the warmth was just right.

We showed J where our wedding reception was held (this used to be an hotel).

We wandered around the pond and war memorial and ended up .......

here, for a wander among the graves. So peaceful, full of bird song and much bigger than we had realised.

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