Sunday, November 03, 2013

A few more books

Got some catching up to do. Last book post was July!

Firstly I have listened to the complete works of Jane Austen on audio book in the last couple of months. Loved it, back to back. Never boring, always entertaining.

Also been reading a lot of poetry - have finished 'Keats - Poems published in 1829', 'Marmion' by Walter Scott, 'The Complete Henry Wadsworth Longfellow' and 'Poems Chiefly from Manuscript' by John Clare. All of these are free to download on Kindle.

Longbourne by Jo Baker
Format - Kindle

Recommended by my SIL, I loved this. It was this that set me off on my audio book marathon. It tells the story of the Bennet family servants in parallel to Pride and Prejudice. It is one of the few P&P spins offs that I have really enjoyed. Great characters clever story plots and a really delicious read.

Sovereign by C J Samson
Format - Kindle

Slow to start compared to the first two but once it picked up pace - I couldn't put it down. I think it is my favourite so far - did work out who the bad guy was within first 3rd of the book but finding out the whys and wherefores kept me entertained. Want to read more of these.

Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup
Format - Kindle

Saw the title in an article about Brad Pitt was intrigued, read a synopsis, bought the download. Not the easiest read due to emotion and content but brilliant. Shame about the typos though. Well worth reading.

Kimi's Secret by John Hudspith
Format - Kindle

Quirky. Different. Maybe this is more suited to a younger audience than me but I stilled enjoyed it. Quite clever ideas and has a nice pace.

Semester Abroad and Snowbound by Elizabeth Kirke
Format - Kindle

Teen fiction. Vampires meet Percy Jackson. Loved the first one, the second one not so much. Quick and easy reads.

Killing Floor by Lee Child
Format - Kindle

The first Jack Reacher. Saw the film and so many book buddies said that Tom Cruise was so miscast that he was nothing like the character in the book that I had to  see for myself - they were right. This is not my kind of book, that said, I really enjoyed it and would read more. It did bog me down a bit in the middle, but once it picked up pace again I was enthralled.

The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs
Format - Kindle

Vampires, brooding hero and mystery - what's not to love? Well a few mistakes in the text but that is nit picking - loved it! Want more.

Chronicles of Fairacre by Miss Read
Format - real book

Revisit of this much loved favourite. First 3 books in one. I love these and have read them at least 6 times. Like chicken soup, they feed my soul, well as long as the soup isn't made by Dotty Harmer!

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