Thursday, January 09, 2014

Trying to blog more

It's a quiet week at work so I'm about a bit more but no less busy. One of my non-resolutions was to firstly blog a bit more and secondly to write more in general. M bought me a beautiful yellowy/orange Moleskine lined note book for Christmas and with my newish ink pen I am attempting to write one flash fiction a week. This week I started number three and it has run away with me, think it will be more fiction than flash but hey ho. I might start a new blog and post some of them there, am undecided at the moment.

I have also been playing about with the new camera again. I do love it.

The quilt is progressing nicely too. But today I have to knuckle down and take back up at job of work. I've been asked to make a small crochet afghan for a charity raffle to be ready by May. Each square takes about an hour. I think I have made 6 so far. So, as I am waiting for the weather to clear up before taking the dogs, I am planning to make at least 2 or 3 squares today. I've also signed up for Ysolda's first mystery shawl knit along, which starts Monday (13th Jan). I have picked my yarn and swatched it.

This a 4ply superwash Merino fingering by Eden Cottage Yarns in the colour Pendle which I bought a Woolfest 2012. I have 800 yards and the pattern calls 600 ish. It has a nice subtle semi solid feel to it.

Lastly, we had some sad new this week. One of my elderly aunties on my Dad's side has passed away. We found out a few years back that she had developed dementia and finally allowed her daughter to put her in a home for her own safety really. I have very fond childhood memories of this aunt and when we used to visit her and other family down in Kent. She came to my wedding and in one of my favourite photos she is smiling at M and I in the background. She was truly a lovely person. My two favourite aunties from that side are now gone, my family so distant and scattered gets smaller every year :(

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