Saturday, June 18, 2005

A quiet week

It really has been as well. It didn't help that after my knee finally healed that I woke up Tuesday with a niggling back pain - decided (like a loon) to ignore it and clean out the conservatory, come Wednesday morning - serious back pain, hardly able to move. So Wed was spent on painkillers, with a heat mat and lots of rest. Thursday - J had a friend to play most of the day and I ended up spending a lot of time on my feet - so by the end of the day my back was killing me. Friday I tried to rest it but stuff needed my attention - so today I am attempting to rest and not rely on painkillers. I am getting fed up though - it's been weeks - no salsa, no yoga, can't even walk the dog - so perhaps a rest this weekend will solve it and next week I can resume living! (Sorry to whine I'm sure others suffer much more - but this is my blog and I have to bleat off somewhere.)

It's hot and sunny today - maybe even too hot (I'm a winter lover) - so I might just chill out, knit, read listen to music and let M nurse me (he's a great nurse).

J has had a good week - a Knitty friend sent him a box of books - he's in heaven - he's not started reading them but the anticipation of so many new books - you can just see it. I reckon he'll have problems deciding what to read first. Together we are reading 'The Indian in the Cupboard' - such an exciting book for a boy and educational as well. On his own he is re-reading 'The Land of Green Ginger' - I just get such a buzz from his love of books :0)

What else? Well I could rant about snails - but what can I say? Nothing works for long - they have missed the beer traps, circumnavigated the pellets and eaten 75% of my broccoli and cabbage crop. Someone tell me what good they do? I hate killing things - I have friends who collect them and free them elsewhere (anyone else hear that cuckoo?) I think snails have homing devices. Ma treads on them and sprinkles salt on them - ehew. I thought maybe a meeting and a leaflet campaign might get through to their reasonable side - maybe not? *shrug* oh well snails need to eat too.

In other news - we go away this week for a couple of days. Grandma (Ma) is animal sitting - better feed the spiders before we go as she draws the line at that. Next week my baby is 8 - where has the time gone? He's a long skinny Dr Who-aholic - who even knows how many nobbles a dalek should have - scary.

That's it - dull and boring as it is - sorry - well off to rest my back (again).



re. discouraging snails, not sure if this will work but my mum swears she has less slug problems since sprinkling all bran around her crops?! Apparently the slugs soak it up, can't digest it and kind of implode. Then birds eat the slugs and everyone in the food chain is happy. Worth a try?

peri said...

Thanks for the handy hint - I'm willing to try anything right now ;0) I have no brocolli and cabbage left they have 'exterminated' it. Oh well - I expect they'll try the beans next *shrug*. Right - off to Tescos to buy All Bran.

Margot said...

Hi Peri, I stopped by to see the Who Pix and then I read that you had back pain recently - so sorry. I actually am finally up walking after 5 days of back pain and wanted to share some wisdom from 3 of my health practitioners: ice. When your back hurts, tissue is inflamed. Though the heat may feel comforting and nice, ice will reduce the inflammation and is ultimately a better choice as long as you have still have pain. Makes sense now, but it never occurred to me. hope you have little use for this info [as in I hope tha tyour back doesn't give you any more toruble].

Love the bran idea, purlpower.

Happy Birthday, J!