Thursday, June 09, 2005

A semi grouchy update

Lets get the rant bit over and done with. I hate people who let you down. If I say I will do something or be somewhere then 9/10 I manage it and if I can't I let people know and apologize. I get very pissed off when people do not repay this courtesy. I sometimes think I must have the word "MUG!" tattooed on my forehead. It gets to the stage where I either tell the people concerned to fuck off and bother some other sap or I retreat and blank out the world - this time it's the latter, which in a way is worse because it means I just stop caring about others for a while. Ok done.

Other bobs and bits. We are caterpillar sitting for some friends - the little beasties are pupating - it's most strange but fascinating.

Boris is in his new home - webb-less at the mo - but hopefully he'll spin soon - I will try and post pictures of his new tank.

Snuffles (is still named snuffles) and took his first dump on me today, the cat puked all up the hall and then I trod in dog shit - does it get much better?

The swelling on my knee is finally going down - it still hurts and now the other one has started -and yes I know I should go to the Dr's but I haven't been in over 4 years and I hate going!

I'm reading more than knitting at the moment - though I did finish a pair of socks this week - picture to follow. I'm reading The Time Travellers Wife - not normally a romance girl but this I like.

Finally, a word to the wise - the more you push and nag me about something the more guaranteed you are that I will not do the thing you want me to - learn from this and stop bothering me!

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Peatbogfaery said...

aw, Peri, just tell 'em all to fuck off...

but go to the Dr's.

"yes I know I should go to the Dr's but I haven't been in over 4 years and I hate going!"

You sound like my mother.

(yeah, you can tell me to fuck off too...)