Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off to chil-lax

Lottie has a head start on us all.

She has already packed her bag - 2 blue-fings, 2 chew bones, 1 headless pig called Gavin, 2 bowls - one for fud the other for tea, a smelly hairy bed, a big bag of fud and a box of bikkies - NO dog grooming wipes or dog brushes, 1 lead and harness - 2 large pink monkey's and 1 smaller one.


Wibbo said...

Love the photo! Have a great holiday and see you soon, J x

DeltaDawn said...

I love your dog!

Did I read that you gave yourself that supershort haircut? Shazam - looks great! I need mine that short right now - what would it cost to get you to Virginia??

Hope you all have a fabulous chillaxing time!

Dani said...

Hope you all have a lovely time. Will be in touch about meeting up when you get back